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web developer IV

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: 1155


: Annapolis, MD 21401, USA


: $60

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: 227


: 06-20-2014

Key Skills

Modern Javascript/HTML/CSS 
Use of current js practices and libraries (i.e. jQuery, YUI, Ember.js, etc. there are a lot out there...) and expertise in semantic HTML, HTML5

Job Description

We are looking for web developer IV for direct end client requirement.
We are looking for a uniquely talented web software development engineer to create a new web front end for a merchant monitoring system. As a member of the merchant monitoring team, your responsibilities will include web flow strategy, front end architecture, working with the back end architecture team, along with design and development of the web interface. In addition, we are looking for expertise in user experience design including look and feel of the customer experience. 

The successful candidate will produce clear, simple, extensible, well-communicated/documented architecture/designs and implementations. In addition, the candidate will be an expert in numerous front-end technologies including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, REST APIs, front-end frameworks such as Angular, EmberJS, etc. Also preferred but not required are comfort with full-stack JavaScript with NodeJS and experience in team collaboration teams with GitHub. 

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