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SR Java Full Stack Developer

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: 22442


: Denver, CO, USA


: $60 per hour

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: 08-14-2019

Key Skills

DB Schema , API/Rest API,Angular JS, Javascript, HTML and CSS

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Full Stack Developer
Location : Boulder CO
Description: This role focuses on maintaining and evolving the end-to-end frontend and backend stacks of our internal tools. The ideal candidate would possess a strong foundation in both modern frontend and backend development. They should possess expert-level JavaScript skills given both our frontend and backend applications tend to be written primarily in JavaScript. Ideally they should be comfortable working with Google Cloud technologies like App Engine, as well as GCP storage options e.g. Google Cloud Datastore and relational databases e.g. Google Cloud SQL (MySQL, Postgres, Firestore). They should have a strong foundation in RESTful API design and feel at-home writing API’s, designing database schemas and writing SQL queries (bonus points for familiarity working with Sequelize ORM–the Node.js ORM we use).
Design and build RESTful web APIs in Node.js + Sequelize ORM and/or Python
Maintain existing PostgresQL and MySQL relational databases
Write database migrations to evolve schemas over time
Manage backend microservice deployments to GCP / App Engine
Develop rich, interactive UI using modern frontend techniques and tooling
Collaborate closely with frontend developers to build out advanced Angular apps
Ensure performant, low-latency APIs and database queries
Support potentially multiple projects simultaneously while meeting tight deadlines
Communicate regularly with the team regarding project status and deliverables.
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