Quality manager permanent position at Sioux Falls, SD 311
MITResourceLLC    01-20-2015 Sioux Falls, SD 57101, USA
Title: Quality manager
Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Type: Permanent
Note: the ideal candidate for this role is a SR. QE ready to manage.
Job description:
  • Perform/coordinate quality inspections - incoming internal and final; maintain detailed records of all inspections. Assist with customers/dealers final inspections and assure the inspection area is prepared for customer inspections. Prepare work schedules, prioritizing jobs, and allocating work to the appropriate personnel. Managers are responsible for ensuring quality processes and procedures are followed. 

    Job requirement
    The following reflect the essential functions for this position but does not restrict the tasks that may be assigned based upon changing business conditions. 

  • Plans and establishes work schedules and assignments 
  • Provides clear instructions and direction to employees and acts as the buffer. 
  • Administers discipline and corrective action as necessary. 
  • Assists with root cause analysis and problem resolution. 
  • Calculates labor requirements to assure there are adequate resources to complete quality inspections on time. 
  • Assists with determining standards, for workmanship and productivity. 
  • Confers with management or subordinates to resolve worker problems, complaints, or grievances. 
  • Confers with other supervisors to coordinate operations and activities within departments or between departments. 
  • Reads and analyzes production schedules to determine production requirements, and plans the use of rescores appropriately. 
  • Ensure deficiencies are reported to chassis provider (OEM or Dealer) and coordinate corrective actions. 
  • Follow up to ensure that all deficiencies items have been completed and are done correctly. 
  • Coordinate/Assist with pre-pump and UL inspections. 
  • Ensure all chassis information is documented correctly and information is entered in database. 
  • Ensure showroom & customer lounge is neat and clean prior to customer inspections. 
  • Assist with completing any additional items as required to prepare truck for shipment. 
  • Assist with completing, and gathering all paperwork and documentation and ensure that it is loaded on the truck. 
  • Ensures compliance with all company policies and procedures. 
    Identifies and promotes opportunities for cross training within and between departments. 

    5+ years Managerial experience position 
  • Proven organizational planning and follow up skills required. 
    Demonstrated positive/disciplined attitude both on a personal and business level. 
  • Ability to initiate positive conversation with customers/dealers as well as fellow associated. 
  • Effective written and verbal communication skills 
  • Discipline to stay updated on whos who in our industry; i.e. Trade publications, competitors 
  • Demonstrated results of driven performance 
  • Must be motivated and have a sense of urgency to ensure that a quality truck is built and shipped on time. 
  • Knowledge of safety requirements 
  • Must be computer literate general Microsoft Office programs 
  • Ability to read and use a tape measure to precise measurements. 
  • Ability to work in a team environment. 
  • Ability to maintain attendance within company guidelines. 
  • Ability to retain and apply instructions. 
  • Basic math skills; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division 
  • Must be detail orientated. 
  • Ability to read and understand trucks specifications document 
  • Ability to communicate, read and understand in English 
  • Ability to visualize tasks and determine appropriate action 
  • Ability to receive general instruction and complete task 
  • Ability to use basic hand tools and power tools. 
  • Demonstrated ability to work to a schedule and manage time effectively with minimal supervision. 
  • Strong mechanical background with a good overview of fabrication, welding, paint, electrical and assembly functions. 
  • Excellent driving record.
  • Bachelor's degree, engineering
  • 5+ years' experience  Quality engineering focus

Should someone need more information I can be reached at sai@mitresource.com or 203-567-0144.

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