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Shotcrete Operator

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Shotcrete Operator

Job Description
  • Spraying a wet concrete mixture that is conveyed through a high pressure hose/nozzle onto a designated surface as instructed.
  • Batching, mixing, transporting, applying, finishing, testing, and cleaning-up shotcrete materials.
  • Must be familiar with the different methods of shotcrete application and the appropriate use of a method for a particular design, surface, or function.
  • Applies cement mortar or concrete to exposed earth, masonry, wood forms, steel or other surfaces.
  • Tends hose through which concrete or cement is pumped to fill forms and crevices or to coat surfaces.
  • Moves and holds supply hose as spraying progresses, using rope sling or harness.
  • Drags screed over finished surface to cut and clean spots from surface.
  • Cuts and squares corners, using trowel.
  • Assists workers engaged in erecting and moving scaffolds and in coupling and uncoupling pipe.
  • Assists in application of reinforcement materials such as steel rods, steel mesh and/ or fibers.
  • Conduct preconstruction field trials of shotcrete production and application prior to starting production shotcreting, make field trials, and construct test panels on wood forms (if required).
  • Clean loose material, mud, rebound, and other foreign matter from all surfaces which are to receive shotcrete.
  • Submit results of shotcrete testing samples and proposed shotcrete mix design to supervisor.
  • Conduct preconstruction field trials of shotcrete production and application prior to starting the actual job.
  • Applies shotcrete mixture as approved by inspector, engineer or supervisor at a uniform rate to ensure adherence of material to the treated surface with minimum rebound and maximum density.
  • Confirms mix proportions of cement, aggregate, and admixtures to obtain the specified strengths, entrained air content, and set times specified.
  • Prepare production test panels (if required).
  • Apply shotcrete as per project specifications, designs, and procedures.
  • Operates and/or is familiar with manlifts or similar equipment.

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