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Senior ESRI Arc GIS Developer

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: 22896


: Atlanta, GA, USA


: Not Specified

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: 73


: 10-29-2019

Key Skills

ArcGIS Portal, ESRI Arc GIS Server, ArcGIS Online, ESRI Web App Builder, Python, SQL, PL/SQL, URISA GISP. geoprocessing

Job Description

  • Develops customised web applications, web services, mobile and enterprise solutions
  • Develops geoprocessing and GIS Web Services
  • Develops GIS Web editing/mapping applications
  • Conducts performance, unit, system integration and quality assurance testing of applications
  • Maintains existing applications/services
  • Upgrades and migrates existing applications / services to current version/systems architecture
  • Provides end user support and creates support documentation
  • Works closely with other developers and architects
  • Estimates work effort and proposes development solutions
  • Assists in the integration of ESRI Roads and Highways and Agile Assets
Required Skills
  • ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Portal for Organisation experience as administrator
  • Programming / Application development experience
  • ESRI JavaScript API ( must be capable of developing widgets) and not using Web App Builder
  • ESRI Arc GIS Server services and Geo Processing services development
  • Strong in PL/SQL, SQL ( writing SQL queries )
  • Experience in Python Scripting
  • ESRI Web App Builder
  • ESRI Geoevent Processor, Roads and Highways and/Image Server Experience
  • Experience in technologies such as HTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, GIT, HTML5, Dojo, Kendo, UI, Angular, Dijit, etc.,
  • Bachelor’s in Geography, GIS, Computer Science or a related field
  • Ability to clearly communicate technical ideas, whether to other technical peers or non-technical project managers or customers
  • Excellent communication, collaboration and teamwork skills
  • Geo-database Administration experience with multi-user versioned environment
  • Experience with ESRI Road and Highways, Dynamic segmentation and linear referencing systems/methods, transportation data models
  • Experience with ArcGIS Apps - collector, navigator, survey 123, operations Dashboard, etc.
  • URISA GISP or ESRI Enterprise Certification
  • Experience with SafeSoftware Feature Manipulation Engine(FME
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