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Employment websites, popularly known as Job Portals bridge the gap between job seekers and employers. Over the years, the importance of these sites has grown manifold, primarily due to the increase in the number of job seekers as well as domains of employment.

In a way, job portals have posed as an alternative to traditional modes of hiring such as walk – in. Although conventional hiring methods are still operational in various parts of the world, these sites have made things a tad easier not only for employers but also job seekers.

Job Portals add to the convenience of Job Seekers and Employers

Apart from acting as a bridge between employers and prospective employees, job portals contain a great deal of information pertaining to a job profile and its technical aspects. Whilst job seekers can go through the description and decide whether the profile does justice with their qualifications, employers can review resumes of candidates to determine their suitability.

Job portals play a pivotal role in the process of short – listing of candidates. Taking into account the average number of candidates applying for a particular position, it is essential to have this initial process of screening. Companies find this method effective as it helps them find the right candidate without having to put in a great deal of effort. On the other hand, it also assists candidates in finding the right opportunities in organizations they would like to work with.

Role played by Job Sites in the competitive market

Every company is not just competing to generate higher revenues but also to hire the best talent. Job sites give employers an opportunity to get in touch with a candidate whom they deem fit for the job. Besides, it also helps them take a call on whether he/she would fit in the company culture.

Furthermore, candidates seeking a job through these sites have the liberty and flexibility of applying to a job profile of their choice. In the absence of these sites, it wouldn’t be easy to find job listing and the requirements of each position. In fact, they have become the necessary connection between companies and candidates.
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