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Medical Field Marketer

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: 22222


: Columbus, OH, USA


: $10-15 per hour

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: 177


: 06-26-2019

Key Skills

Sales and Marketing Skills; Organizational Skills

Job Description

Job Summary
Represent our clients and our company to potential clients and referral sources period act as a single-point-of-contact to encourage referrals and to develop the associated brand. 
Common tasks include referral laddering, driving, gathering information on leads, preparing client presentations, managing online platforms, coordinating event logistics, and re-caps for events and campaigns, etc…

Primary Job Responsibilities

  • Gathering information on leads to assist the company in contacting prospective customers 
  • Driving pre-determined routes on a regular basis
  • Making adjustments as necessary acting as liaison with the client and the promotions group to execute promotions campaigns
  • Coordinating logistics for all grassroots events and local promotions creating events, online campaigns, and promotions recaps 
  • Other administrative tasks (e.g., preparing online performance reports, answering calls)
  • Operating as a single point of contact for our prospective clients
  • Visiting possible referral sources on a regular basis
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Event planning for clients such as mass hiring fairs and lunch-n-learns
Job Category
Health-Care Marketing Sales
Employment Types
Part time
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