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Mainframe Systems Administrator Manager

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: 22015


: Trenton, NJ, USA


: $45-60 per hour

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: 149


: 05-20-2019

Job Description

In person interview is needed.

 Location: Trenton, NJ

Duration: 12+ months

 The mainframe DASD/VTL administrator manager must have necessary skills and experience to perform planning and support of Z/OS Operating System and Product. Must be able to handle DR testing, Problem Resolutions, and Job recovery. Be able to report to management on projects. Have good communication skills, willing to be on call 24/7. Stay current and educated on current software.  The ideal candidate should be a self-motivated, hands-on professional who is a team player, works well under pressure, and willing to go the extra mile to complete projects and meet client expectations.



Configuration, and maintenance of Hitachi DASD, Luminex VTL, including, but not limited to MVS Z/OS JCL and Utilities, TSO, and other third party vendor’s software.


Preference will be given to applicants with a strong working knowledge of the Hardware and Software listed below:



HDS G1000 (Disk)

Luminex CGX-FC (Tape/VTL)

HDS G400






Z/OS Operating System

Z/OS JCL/Utilities

Z/OS Catalog



Ca-Vantage SRM (SAMS)


Skills Needed

Prior experience with both DASD and TAPE Administration

Prior hands on work with DASD and Virtual Tape in a large multiple LPAR SYSPLEX environment  Required

Prior experience coding ACS routines      Required

HSM experience              Required         

RMM experience             Required    

SMS experience Required       

MVS JCL and Utilities experience              Required

Hitachi Storage Manager experience       Required 

HUR experience Required

Ca-Vantage SRM (SAMS) experience       Required

Prior experience working with Vendors for research and problem analysis              Required

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