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Machine Learning Expert

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: 21396


: Richmond, VA, USA


: $73 per hour

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: 01-20-2019

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Machine Learning

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Contract type: Long term

  • Design, implement and evaluate models, and build software prototypes of machine learning systems related to Computer Vision, Deep Reinforcement Learning, NLP, ASR, Audio Processing.
  • Help lay the technical foundation of new businesses, products and services, and leverage ML to increase the operational efficiency and help in massively-scalable distributed compute product architectures
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Computational Neuroscience
  • We have deep learning expertise and its application in Neural Network architectures to Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Machine Intelligence and Reinforcement Learning
  • Expertise in deep learning frameworks such as Pytorch, Torch, Caffe, Tensorflow.
  • We have strong publication record in highly ranked ML and AI conferences and journal publications.
  • Expertise in Computational Neuroscience modeling experiences
  • One or more programming languages: C++/C, Python, Java, MATLAB, OpenCV,
  • Experience with microservices oriented architectures, TensorFlow based AI orchestration, test driven development (TDD) & other testing methodologies, and a zeal for automation at all level
  • Experience with scaling Big Data infrastructure (HDFS, Solr, ELK, Spark)
  • Design and implement the core NLG engine to Narrative Science's Advanced Natural Language Generation Platform, drawing concepts from generative syntax.
  • Design and implement the NLP/NLU engine for conversational interface to the platform based on principles from compositional semantics - with R, WEKA, RASA
  • Experience in conversational AI, democratized AI.
  • Expertise in: Sentiment Analysis, Entity Extraction, Document Classification, Topic Modelling, Natural Language Understanding (NLU), or Natural Language Generation (NLG) , text pre-processing and normalization techniques, such as tokenization, POS tagging and parsing and how they work at a low level.
  • Experience with classification, feature engineering, information extraction, structured prediction, clustering, semi-supervised learning, topic modelling, and ranking
  • Expertise in linguistics and language as a phenomenon.
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