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Konkola Copper Mines Trainee Programme

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: 19129


: Chingola, Zambia


: $35000 per year

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: 157


: 11-14-2017

Key Skills

Degree in: Mining/Engineering Process/Electrical/Mechanical/Ceramics/Sustainability/Finance/Commercial/Human Resources. Under 26

Job Description

Konkola Global Trainee Programme

The trainee will undergo an intensive Internship Programme in order to acquire managerial knowledge, hands on expertise and skills in preparation for future roles in any organization. 


  • Annual Salary between $32,500 and $38,000
  • Bachelor’s accommodation provided
  • Transport facilities provided (for Official Purposes)
  • Access to subsidized Fitness Centre Facilities
  • Mobile phone credit (eligible)
  • Temporary Employment Permit Will be sponsored by the Company.
  • Access Medical facilities.
  • Air Fare (Economy Class Return) provided

As part of the programme you will :

  • set Internship Development Objectives/Goals with Mentor.
  • gain knowledge, skills and hands on experience required in order to serve as reservoir for future management responsibilities.
  • understudy and perform duties in several operational areas including development and support of operational based business systems and maintenance of Infrastructure.
  • demonstrate an interest in reading and updating personal knowledge of management ethics and current industry trends as well as management development.
  • participate in the on-going monitoring and review of the progress of one’s performance with key trainers and Senior Management.
  • observe experienced staff and gain knowledge about policies, procedures, methods and standards that are required for performing ones duties in KCM.
  • produce work consistent with quality and standard required.
  • participate in the exercises / Job-on-training as assigned

Below you will find details of the four streams for the Konkola Copper Mines Global Trainee Programme. Apply by clicking on the link below and following the instructions. 

Programme available in the Mechanical /Electrical Engineering stream

  • Engineering Intern - Electrical.
  • Instrumentation
  • Trackless
  • Mechanical 

Programme available in the Mining stream

  • Mining Shafts
  • Mining Production
  • Mining Dry Mine Project
  • Metallurgy 

Programme available in the Exploration/Geology stream

  • Geology
  • Hydro Geologist
  • Explorations Geologist 

Programme available in the Finance / Commercial stream

  • Commercial
  • Finance

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