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Java Python Developer

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: 779


: San Diego, CA 92101, USA


: $75-85

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: 292


: 06-10-2014

Job Description

Please find attached details regarding the position. If you are able to find some suitable resource, please let us know.
Job description:
  • Seasoned engineer with independent working capability, broad expertise and unique knowledge in SW architecture. Design the system architecture (SW/HW) based on international standards and responsible for the selection of appropriate technologies to implement the design.
  • Works independently and collaboratively on complex problems while implementing expertise, creativity and sophistication
  • Provides a professional authority in the organization
  • Usually holds an engineering degree in a has 5+ year experience
  • Experience in Agile development (Scrum methodology, continuous integration, Test driven development)
  • Very good communication skills
  • Very good of J2EE
  • Very good knowledge of Python
  • Experience with databases.
  • Candidate should be able to collect information from engineers (requirements, feature description, tracking of progress)
  • High level mathematics (calculus, algebra) knowledge
  • Mobile application knowledge
  • Engineering/Scientific environment background

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