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Java Backend Developer

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: Seattle, WA 98104, USA


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: 05-07-2014

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~~Title: Java Serverside/backend Developer
Location: Seattle, WA
Serverside/backend specialization
• Java EE design and coding, usage and understanding of MVC frameworks, tools and products in the
areas of web technologies, scalability and performance (client side and server side)
• Knowledge of persistence technologies, transactions, dependency injection, design patterns and
OO design
• Excellent coding and testing (unit and automated acceptance) skills
• Knowledge/understanding of service oriented architecture (SOA) as well as Scrum or any other
agile methodology is highly desirable
Core Skills:
Good interpersonal communication and friendly disposition. Needs to interact with his counterparts
and other counterparts/team members offshore on a frequent basis. Should be able to demonstrate
expertise in formal written and spoken English communication. Should demonstrate eagerness to
learn new skills (e.g. new frameworks and technologies in this space) and should be able to pick up
such skills, relatively quickly, if required. Should have knowledge of bleeding‐edge/emerging
technologies in his area of specialization.
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