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Front End Web Developer

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: 277


: San Francisco, CA 94105, USA


: $90-100K

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: 144


: 05-07-2014

Key Skills

Java Script
Unix / Linux
Experience with CI

Job Description

~~The ideal candidate should:
Solve CrossSite Scripting Issues
Understand third Party domain - JavaScript Communication.
Experience with cross-browser compatibility
Analyze & Debug JS across multiple platforms/devices.
Performance Tuning of JS over different network speed(&countries).
Experience with Javascript unit testing tools
Knowledge of Flash or Silverlight is a plus.

Other things that may help:
Node.js experience is not required for this project, but someone that knows node would probably fit in well
We're looking for a javascript developer that has some experience with java (not a java developer that knows some javascript)
Knowledge of DOM events (I.e. Dom ready and onload), and asynchronous loading techniques (for javascript as well as other resources)
We don't need someone who knows UX / design. Our application has no UX component to it (the javascript will not display anything to the user)
Ethical hacking would also be a plus
Unix / Linux Experience
Experience with CI (continuous integration) tools

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