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Finance Officer

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: Fort Lesley J. McNair, DC 20024, USA


: $40 per hour

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: 02-20-2019

Key Skills

Financial reporting, budget management, cost accounting and advanced excel skills

Job Description


Assists in preparation of the annual budget by:

  • Tracking and providing historical information on prior years
  • Researching questions related to past or anticipated spending
  • Compiling budget submissions and underlying documentation
  • Reviewing submissions for completeness
  • Making revisions as requested


  • Maintains the approved budget and continually monitors status of funds. Keeps management informed when the use of funds deviates significantly from the spending plan (such as a major change in operating strategy, exhibited by planned expenditures; or major movements between class/object codes). Alerts senior management if any specific actions are necessary.
  • Receives vendor invoices (directly, from administrative support staff, or Office of Finance staff) and ensures timely approval for payment. Prepares each payment request (or reviews payment requests prepared by others), ensuring complete, accurate and timely:
  • Documentation of expenses
  • Approvals
  • General ledger account coding
  • Purchase order references, if appropriate
  • Submission to accounts payable


  • Reviews periodic financial reports to ensure that expenses are properly classified. Initiates reclassifications as necessary to ensure high data quality, and takes steps to reduce the number of reclassifications.
  • Serves as the central point of contact for updating, tracking, reducing, and reallocating funds, including:
  • Initiating budget transfers
  • De-obligating funds throughout the year, as soon as it is determined the obligated funds are no longer needed on a purchase order
  • Reviews 100% of open obligations for continuing need before the end of the fiscal year


  • Initiates purchase requisitions requested by staff (or reviews requisitions prepared by others) and verifies funds availability
  • Assists with the development of statements of work and procurement strategies
  • Monitors purchase card use by assigned administrative support staff
  • Serves as the troubleshooter on vendor complaints; tracks timely payment of bills, and identifies procedural breakdowns and develops solutions


  • Prepares, monitors and maintains personnel budgets; explains variances from budget as needed
  • Keeps schedule of expected pay changes and works with managers to initiate recommended pay actions.
  • Initiates personnel action forms (including recruitments) and follows up through completion


  1. ADMINISTRATION – Provides oversight and coordination of finance-related activities of assigned administrative support staff, including:
  • Trains administrative support staff on Museum policies and procedures, including those related to procurement, invoice processing, receivers/vouchers, purchase cards, initiation of personnel related paperwork, travel processes, and other administrative functions
  • Monitors the accuracy, efficiency and timeliness of each assigned administrative support staff's finance-related work, and their compliance with Museum policies and procedures. Provides regular coaching to assigned administrative support staff on finance-related tasks, and participates in the scheduling and content development of periodic Museum provided training on finance-related policies and procedures
  • Maintains a complete and current desk manual with detailed instructions for finance-related tasks, and the corresponding Museum policies and procedures


  1. TROUBLESHOOTER – Serves as an expert resources and troubleshooter for:
  • Office Heads on financial and administrative matters
  • Assigned administrative support on matters related to Museum policies and procedures
  • Office of Finance staff on the needs and activities of the Museum's offices


  • Performs other related duties as assigned



Thorough knowledge of:

  • The Museum's mission, strategic plan and organization
  • Standard administrative policies and procedures used in similar private and public organizations, and the ability to master those of the Museum
  • Business management, with specific emphasis on budget/accounting and contracting/procurement
  • Basic financial and cost accounting, including understanding of general ledger coding of expenses and capital purchases, standard financial transaction processing requirements, and critical internal controls
  • Federal appropriations law and proper use of federal funds
  • Federal contracting and executing a procurement in compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR), and best business practices for purchasing in the private sector


Effectiveness in:

  • Written and oral communication, and the ability to communicate effectively and diplomatically with a broad range of people to gather information and conduct research, to train and explain requirements, and to solve a wide range of problems and issues
  • Applying technical knowledge to practical situations
  • Maintaining effective business relationships both internal and external, and at all levels of the Museum
  • Negotiations required in routine business interactions with colleagues and vendors
  • Self-management and priority-setting, the ability to work independently and exercise initiative
  • Research and analysis of quantitative and qualitative information required for sound decision-making

Thank you,


Richard Koti

Team Lead - Recruiting

Abacus Service Corporation

Phone: (503)820-5495




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