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Finance and Account Manager

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: 21483


: Houston, TX, USA


: $42000 per year

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: 02-02-2019

Key Skills

Finance, Account, Commercial, Banking, Taxation

Job Description

  1. Accounts and Taxation and MIS Related :
  1. Ensure on day to day basis all kind of Accounting work (Purchase & Sales), Excise, Purchase & Stores, Dispatches are updated.
  2. Ensure and check Vendors and Customers accounts are reconciled.
  3. Provide daily / monthly / quarterly / annual MIS to HO and ensure all reporting targets are met.
  4. Coordinate with HO for finalization of quarterly / annual Trial Balance.
  5. Reconcile Inter Company and inter unit balances.
  6. Appoint Internal Auditor as per business and regulatory needs for verification of accounts and stocks.
  7. Review and ensure corrective action of Internal Audit report in consultation with Unit Head / CFO.
  8. Arrangement and compliance of Statutory Auditors for Annual Accounts as per local laws and India
  9. Timely settlement of advance to staff and creditors 
  10. Verification of salary statements and payment thereof
  11. Deduction of local taxes as applicable for all payments to suppliers, staff salary etc. as per local rules and regulations and their timely payment without any delay.
  1. Finance and Banking Related :
  2. Monitor all cash and banking activities; check and provide Cash Flow statements to Corporate Office on daily basis
  3. Provide information and assistance for sanction / renewal of term loan and working capital facilities to Corporate Office.
  4. Ensure Compliance with sanction letter for term loan and working capital facilities in consultation with Unit Head / CFO and Corporate Office.
  5. Coordinate with Corporate Office for funds requirements and remittance as per guidelines of the Central Bank (RBI) in India.
  • Costing
  1. Preparation of product wise Cost sheets.
  2. Reconciliation of Costing profit/ (loss) with Financial profit/(loss).
  3. Preparation & review of annual budget report (product wise) to top management
  4. Working on Major Cost items, Overheads, raw material and packing material
  5. Stores and Purchase Related :
  6. Coordinate with Supply Chain and HO Purchase for all matters pertaining to Raw Material / Consumables and Stores
  7. Control the level of inventories within defined limits
  8. Ensure Stores and Purchase procedures stipulated are complied with
  9. Ensure all incoming materials and outgoing materials are properly accounted on daily basis
  10. Despatch and Stock and Property Related :

1     Reconcile physical stocks and book stocks on monthly basis and where necessary take corrective action.

2     Ensure Despatch of material as per instructions from marketing department (priority wise).

3     Ensure all Invoices are made correctly for qty, rate and other terms of conditions of sale.

4     Ensure all key equipment / plant and machinery / mould sent for repair are received back within committed period and in case of delay beyond 30 days   report to Corporate Office.

  1. Budgeting v/s Performance Reporting :
  2. Submission of Annual financial budget which includes production, sales, expenses etc.  in consultation with Head of

Marketing and Factory Head (COO)

  • Statutory Compliances :
  1. Filing of local statutory returns including VAT and levies etc. monthly, annually, half yearly, annually as per local  

Rules and Regulations

  1. Adequate insurance of fixed assets and stocks at competitive rate by taking quotes from 3 reputed Insurance Companies and if existing policies are there, then before expiry period renew it based on replacement value system.  In case of additional fixed assets during the year and increase in inventory level, value of insurance to be increased.
  2. Validation / renewal of factory licenses, labour licenses, pollution licenses etc. prior to expiry.
  • Miscellaneous :   
  1. Reporting of major incident / accident at unit :  Immediate reporting to Head Office  within 12 hours of happening.
  2. Reporting of any non-recurring expenses incurred at a single incident over USD 5000 and major income at a single incident within 24 hours for over USD 5000. This will be included in monthly MIS also.  
  3. Any other work assign by company and management


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