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Conquest Tech Solutions, Inc.

Willimgton, DE, United States

Phone: 302-356-1423
Web Site: www.conq-tech.com

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Req Urgently Data Base Administrator for Denver , Colorado


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CO, United States 




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Part time



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Interested in a Senior Data Management consultant for roughly 4 hours/week to assist government personnel in the accomplishment of the following work described.  The consultant would instruct and guide government personnel to perform this work and assist in the performance of the work such that the deliverables would be completed by either government personnel or the contractor within the period of performance.  Previous State experience is preferred.
Statement of Work:
This statement of work describes the expectations of the Governor’s Office of Information Technology’s (OIT’s) Information Technology Economic Development and Broadband Strategy Division to provide follow-on consulting services to the OIT Geographic Information Systems unit.  The consulting services desired are revisions to existing Transact SQL scripts, a VB.Net address application, and a SQL Server database that collectively provide structured address parsing capabilities to OIT and instruction on the management and maintenance of the code base for incremental improvements over time.
In March of 2014, OIT contracted the development capabilities to parse street addresses in a profile and extension of the FGDC-STD-016-2011 and NENA-STA-004.1-2014 address standards.  The Contractor produced address parsing routines using Transact-SQL to load data into a temporary SQL Server database and then match values found in concatenated text strings of street addresses to with domain values for address elements from these standards, US Postal Service data, and OIT.  Strings of addresses were then parsed according to a logical precedence among these values when processed through a VB.Net application designed to implement the logic largely contained and loaded from T-SQL.  The parser has about a 95% success rate in producing parsed addresses according to design.
After the contact period of performance concluded, OIT staff continued to expand the use and code base (T-SQL and VB.Net) with minor modifications to the design of the temporary database associated with this capability to parse various sources of address data received.  At some point in time, the capability of this collection significantly deprecated due to an error in these modifications by OIT staff.  Efforts to repair or roll-back the capability to work as it had previously have not yet been successful.
The primary objective of this work is to restore the parsing capability prior to this error in modification. The second objective is to make the capability more portable.  The T-SQL scripts, VB.Net application and database should be packaged to be reasonably shared with others, especially local governments in Colorado, to operate successfully on desktop computers on their own networks.  The package should be sufficiently documented and made available to others in online forums like GitHub.
Questions               Description        Experience 
Address parsing and ETL Previous state experience with address parsing and ETL preferred (see REQ 47662943)         ?? yrs  
Microsoft SQL Server   ?? yrs  
Visual Basic/NET   ?? yrs  

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