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Conquest Tech Solutions, Inc.

Willimgton, DE, United States

Phone: 302-356-1423
Web Site: www.conq-tech.com

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Urgently Req Application Systems Architect IV for Denver , Colorado


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Denver, CO, United States 




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Contract - Corp-to-Corp



Job Description:

The Colorado Department of Education (CDE) is seeking services from a contractor to perform various tasks related to the department’s Identity Management (IDM) System.
The department’s IDM system is a full enterprise implementation of Oracle’s IDM suite comprising these modules:
1. Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)
2. Oracle Internet Directory (OID)
3. Oracle Identity Federation (OIF)
4. Oracle Access Manager (OAM)
The Oracle modules listed are all implemented on EMC VMware virtual servers running Redhat enterprise Linux.
1. Two individuals at 201 East Colfax, Denver, Colorado, qualified to provide general support, administration, and custom development of the Oracle Identity Management suite, including OIM, OID, OIF, and OAM.
a. Resources are to be onsite at 201 East Colfax, Denver, Colorado,  for support, diagnostics, and resolution of any general and unforeseen issues with the IDM system.
b. Perform day to day tasks, as required, such as user provisioning assistance, troubleshooting logon issues, and diagnosing access issues.
c. Perform necessary modifications and additional coding for IDM.
d. Provide guidance and architectural advice for the CDE IDM system when changes are requested.
2. Mandatory Qualifications
a. All personnel assigned to this project shall be available to perform the tasks and duties assigned to them for the corresponding duration set forth in the project plan primarily on site at CDE’s location at 201 East Colfax Avenue, Denver, Colorado.
b. All personnel assigned to this project must have experience creating custom code and scheduled tasks for IDM tasks.
c. All personnel assigned to this project must have demonstrated experience managing, developing, and implementing Oracle Identity Management systems, including these modules:
1) Oracle Identity Manager (OIM)
2) Oracle Internet Directory (OID)
3) Oracle Identity Federation (OIF)
4) Oracle Access Manager (OAM)
3. Preferred Qualifications
a. Five plus years demonstrated experience with Oracle Access Manager.
b. Five plus years demonstrated experience with Oracle Identity Manager.
c. Five plus years demonstrated experience with Oracle Internet Directory.
d. Five plus years demonstrated experience with Oracle Identity Federation.
e. Demonstrated experience interacting with end users.
f. Demonstrated experience working with State Educational Agencies and Local Educational agencies on IDM projects.
 Questions DescriptionExperience
Communication skills both verbal and written  ?? years 
Education Agency ExperienceDemonstrated experience with Education agencies working on IDM projects highly preferred ?? years 
Oracle Access Manager  ?? years 
Oracle Identity Federation  ?? years 
Oracle Identity Manager  ?? years 
Oracle Internet Manager  ?? years 

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