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EAppstech llc

NC, United States

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QA Automation Lead with Selenium, JAVA & Agile EXP


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Boston, MA, United States 



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Contract - Corp-to-Corp, Contract - W2



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Position Summary:
The QA Automation Lead will be part of the Quality Assurance team. The QA Automation Lead will collaborate directly with the project teams, representing all aspects of QA for the project. This individual must be strong in development and testing process and methodologies, and should be able to debug issues using these processes. The QA Automation Lead is responsible for ensuring the Quality Standards and functionality and performance/load testing, ensuring the systems will perform as designed and handle customer loads.
Position Description (Essential Duties & Responsibilities):
  • Collaborating with team members on “defect prevention” rather than just “defect detection” agile testing practices and tools.
  • Collaborating with team members to produce comprehensive testing that results in the highest quality software.
  • Working with developers to more easily create automated GUI and integration tests.
  • Understand the Quality Standards and support Gale’s adoption of Agile through assimilation of QA practices in the development of low-to-no defect products
  • Collaborate with the agile teams to understand requirements and plan testing efforts to complement and facilitate effective execution of development projects.
  • Considering a fluid agile environment, business and technical requirements, risk and schedule needs, provide QA level of effort estimates for larger development projects.
  • As an integral agile team member, collaborate with developers to develop test plans, automated and manual tests, test code, test scripts and review and improve test plans and code design
  • Understand user behavior and ensure product usability as guided through Gale’s usability standards
  • Ensure product accessibility as guided through Gale’s accessibility standards
  • Working with developers to more easily create automated GUI and integration tests.
  • Coordinate all aspects of QA and testing for medium to large projects
  • Appropriate to each project, develop and execute test strategy, test plans, test cases, acceptance testing and test scripts
  • Create automation scripts for all aspects of functional testing using Cucumber, FitNesse and/or TestNG and Selenium and other QA tools as required
  • Be flexible and creative in handling multiple activities and contentions in priorities.
  • Helping foster an environment where automated GUI and integration tests complement developer unit testing in ensuring the quality of large scale solutions
  • Collaboration with developers in creating testable "Definition of Done" acceptance criteria f
  • Designing tests that clearly convey the business rules and code they are checking (i.e., Storytests or Automated Acceptance Tests), so that both business users and developers can understand their intentions.
  • Continuously asking questions of both developers and business users to ensure the test suite is comprehensive.
  • Performing manual exploratory testing of new and existing features
  • Developing, creating, and executing performance test plans and test cases which reflect expected usage.
  • Manage defect tracking and defect maintenance and perform defect root cause analysis
  • Coordinate with Customer Support Center.
  • Researching New Tools and Superior Practices and suggesting new tools and processes for the agile team
  • Embrace continuous process and practice improvement
  • Basic (Required) 
    • Thorough understanding of software development and exposure to Agile Quality Assurance.
    • A 4 year degree in Computer Science or related field; or equivalent combination of education and relevant work experience
    • Pay great attention to detail
    • Experience writing tests in Java, JUnit, in an IDE like Eclipse (or similar unit testing experience. in a different language/IDE)
    • Solid OO programming and design skills
    • An understanding of the principles in creating easily modifiable and extensible automated test suites
    • Experience using test automation frameworks ie: Cucumber, FitNesse, TestNG, and Selenium
    • The courage to drive exploratory testing to find better ways to produce high-quality software
    • Demonstrated collaborative skill in pairing with agile developers
    • An interest in working alongside the development team, including occasional pairing
    • Excellent communication skills, written and verbal
    • Self-motivated and takes initiative
    • Work well with cross-functional organizations
    • Must be able to work effectively in a fast-paced, dynamic environment where overtime hours are expected to meet deadlines and fulfill customer needs.
    • Demonstrated ability to work effectively independently and in a team environment
    • Knowledge of Continuous Integration like CruiseControl or Jenkins
    • The confidence to ask the tough questions necessary to ensure continuous improvement
    • 2 years experience in system level QA Testing
    • 2 years experience programming in Java and/or JUnit development
    • 2 years experience with Source Code Management like CVS, Git or SubVersion
    • 2 years experience with Defect Management like Jira
    • 1 year in an Agile environment
    • 1 year experience with scripting /programming languages;
    • 1 year working in a Linux environment
A demonstrated working knowledge of:
  • Java & HTML
  • An understanding of the concepts of TDD and how it applies to agile testing
  • Automated Test Design
  • Selenium
  • Cucumber, Fitnesse and/or TestNG
  • Web application testing and/or Web service testing
  • Ability to write and understand basic SQL queries to perform data verification and set up test data
  • Defect Management like Jira
  • Configuration Management Systems & build environments
  • Unix/Linux
    • Databases
    • API testing, test harness creation
    • Experience in JMeter or Segue Silk Automation Tools

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