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EApps Tech LLC

Raleigh, NC, United States

Web Site: www.eappstech.com

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Oracle Database Trainer


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New York, NY, United States 



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Job Description:
My direct client is in need of a Functional Oracle Database consultant to train their technical team. The team consists of 4-5 members. They are in need of an advanced level trainer, who has many years of experience using Oracle.
The technical team will need training in the following areas:

- Allocated space for Rman archive log, causing the server to become unavailable. They had to disable Rman as they were not able to resolve the memory configuration.
- User and privilege management - How to view and manage all existing users and their privileges across DBs/schemas
- Schemas - They would like to find and document all existing schemas
- Server configuration for Oracles services and Windows permissions. They would like to remove unused services if possible, and run all Oracle services with the minimum necessary permission levels required.
- Backup and recovery. They would like to consider whether Rman is needed, or if their daily data dumps (done separately via Scheduled Task) are sufficient. How to execute a complete backup and recovery.

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