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Maganti IT Resources LLC

5 meadow street,suite 201&202.
naugatuck, CT, United States

Phone: 2035670144
Web Site: www.mitresource.com

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Business Intelligence & SQL Analyst @ Houston, TX


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Houston, TX, United States 


Information-Technology, Management, Restaurant-Food-Service

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Full time



Job Description:

Position Title: BI & SQL Analyst
Location: Houston, TX
Position Type: Permanent
Job Description:
  • Develop and implement a process to identify management's intelligence needs; gather the related information; analyze the relevant information; provide timely reports to be acted upon based on the analyses; and implement the recommendations of intelligence reporting and management. 
  • Identify intelligence needs of each department through one-to-one communications of key employees.
  • Research and analyze areas of interest to the company which will allow the company to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Monitor fields of interest to the company, such as technology in the political/legal frameworks. 
  • Monitor internal and external environments for development of new business processes. 
  • Perform market research and analysis.
  • Gather information for project-related research; analyze that information; and produce reports based on the analyses. 
  • Creation and maintenance of routine SQL Server Database Administrator functions or SQL Server 6.5 databases such as: table indexing, views, backups, SQL Server log reviews/error corrections, database creation and changes and scheduled replication of databases. 
  • Support to developers for all SQL Server needs and enforcement of naming conventions, relational database modeling and other database standards. 
Required Skills:
  • 2+ years of SQL Server Database Administrator on the job experience.
  • 1 year of that time on version 6.5. Microsoft Certified Engineer
Experience with the following a plus: 
  • Building stored procedures on SQL Server 6.5 ER
  • Win version 3.0 
  • IIS 
  • ADO 
  • ASP 
  • Crystal Info
Should someone need more information I can be reached at satishm@mitresource.com or 203-567-0144.
Thank you for your time.

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