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EApps Tech LLC

Raleigh, NC, United States

Web Site: www.eappstech.com

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Technical Project Manager


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Tempa, FL, United States 



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Job Description:

Job Description:
  • Designs and develops IT architecture, technical standardization, the follow-through of non-functional requirements, the IT concept and the technical specification, the allocation and control of development, software quality assurance, and the acceptance and integration of solutions into the application landscape.
  • Ensures that IT systems are available for the business processes and develops them continuously. 
  • Achieves overall optimal solutions by working closely together with teams of specialists for business processes, IT technologies, IT processes and project managers.
  • Manages multiple project and initiatives simultaneously as needed.
  • Navigates an international environment, networks with a broad range of departments and partners. 
  • Steers external partners to ensure that the appropriate resources required for project and maintenance build support are secured and delivered.
  • Offers solution-oriented advice for projects in the planning and control of the solution build space.
  • Includes securing operational, cost-and risk-optimized IT architecture, as well as the definition of IT technical requirements within the project.
  • Plans and is responsible for the maintenance of solutions and further development when necessary.

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