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Maganti IT Resource

5 Meadow Street Suite 201 & 202
Naugatuck, CT, United States

Phone: 203-490-0095
Web Site: http://www.mitresource.com/

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Web Server Administrator


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Brooklyn, NY, NY, United States 




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Full time, Contract - W2, Contract - 1099



Job Description:

Please help pass along to colleagues or associates below position who are looking for new role If you are not available.
Should someone need more information I can be reached at kiran@mitresource.com or Ph # 203-490-0095.
Thank you for your time.
Title: Web Server Administrator
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Duration: 2-3 years Contract

Job Description:  
As the number of channels clients can use to submit information to HRA expands (portal, phone, mail or fax, in-center), and a task-based case management approach is utilized, a Work Tracking System (WTS), or capability, should be created to support assignment to task-centric work queues and processing of tasks.
The WTS would be used as a management tool to monitor performance and uncover bottlenecks. It could be used to track the following tasks to be handled be the various new centralized units:- Initial Applications- Recertification’s- Periodic Reports- Change Requests (submitted via the web portal or Infoline)- Supporting Documentation- Data Matches the tasks created following the electronic or paper submission of the initial application, recertification, periodic reports, or change requests will originate from the Centralized Processing Unit (BPI-081), while it is envisioned that tasks originating from data matches and POS-WMS errors will be generated automatically once they are detected. 
The processing of those tasks will happen in the different centralized units, such as the Virtual Interview/Eligibility Determination Unit (BPI-007) and the Change Maintenance Unit (BPI-004).Based on the review of the experience of other States, centralizing functions in a task-based environment leads to the development of IT tools to support communication and accountability among the different business units. 
For example, the centralization of the Document Management function led to the creation of a new utility (named "Connect") communicating with Connecticut's state eligibility system and allowing eligibility specialists to pick up each case after documentation has been scanned and indexed (REF-020). In Florida, the virtualization of the interview unit was accompanied by the development of a system named AMS (ACCESS Management System) to manage the workload across the various geographical locations of the interview specialists (REF-039)

Tasks & Duties:

• Administer and maintain Windows servers.
 Optimize Server performance.
• Run Performance monitoring tools on servers.
• Trouble-shoot Operating System problems and issues.
• Configure scheduled jobs and tasks.
• Configure server paths and other variables.
• Install software components needed for applications to run.
• Backup and restore servers.
• Manage and Administer Web Servers.
• Installation and configuration of IIS.
• Configure Web applications as per business requirements.
• Trouble-shoot and optimize Web sites.
• Maintain Security on Web Servers.
• Manage and evaluate server and application logs.
• Use different tools to identify and resolve performance issues
Required Skills:

• 6 Years Experience Managing Web and Application Security.
• 6 Years Experience Configuring and testing connectivity with various database types like Oracle and SQL Server.
• 6 Years Experience Backups and restoring of data and applications.
• 5 Years In-depth knowledge of queries and query execution plans.
Desired Skills
• 6 Years Experience Managing and configuring application servers, web sites, web applications using IIS 6.0, 7.0 and 7.5.
• 5 Years Knowledge in maintaining databases in Oracle and SQL Servers.
Should need more information I can be reached at kiran@mitresource.com or Ph   # 203-490-0095.
 Thank you for your time.

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