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Edgesphere Inc

155 Windover road, Suite 4
Memphis, TN, United States

Phone: 901-888-4093
Web Site: http://www.edgesphereinc.com/index.php

Company Profile

Oracle Apps DBA


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Norwalk, CT, United States 



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Employment Type:

Full time



Job Description:

1. Have Deep knowledge in trouble shooting performance issues in Oracle EBS database environment. (core DBA with tuning experience should not be considered) 
2. Extensive experience in tuning Oracle EBS seeded concurrent program slowness. 
3. Deep knowledge in working with SQL profiles, SQL baselines.Have understanding which solution should be implemented based on situation. 
4. Have good understanding the execution plans, access path of sql and join conditions for complex queries 
5. Sound knowledge in rewriting sql by modifying join condition or using optimizer hints to improve performance 
(You should expect answer e.g. PARALLEL, FULL, INDEX, NOINDEX, USE_HASH, NESTED_LOOP, FIRST_ROWS etc) 
7. Have good knowledge in database stats gathering in EBS (dbsm_stats or FND_STATS) 
8. Have implemented different strategies proactively in stabilizing query execution plans in EBS database environment. 
9. Knowledge in column historgram and bind variable picking concept in performance tuning. 
10. Have deep knowledge in understanding database reports as AWR, ADDM , ASH and troubleshooting EBS Database slowness. 

Strong in performance tuning. Below pointers should be highlighted . 

1.Have Deep knowledge in Oracle Database (E-Business) Performance Tuning . 
2. Sound knowledge in Sql tuning , trace , tkprof and sql restructuring. 
3. Have deep knowledge in working with SQl Profiles, Outline, Tuning pack etc. . 
4. Have extensive experience in tuning Oracle standard programs, forms and other modules. 
5. Have deep knowledge working with AWR, ADDM and Database tuning . 
6. Have knowledge in stabilizing query plans across databases.

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