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Kelly Services, Inc.

United States

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Surgical Product Technician


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Memphis, TN, United States 




12-14 per hour

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Contract - W2



Key Skills:

Manufacturing, Surgicals

Job Description:

The Surgical Product Specialist is primarily responsible for providing the sales force with quality surgical instruments and implant kits. Surgical Product Specialist will act as the primary contact between the distributor and Smith & Nephew Inc. and will function as a coordinator between the two. Sets up maintains inspects and updates all instruments as instructed by the department manager and product management. Keeps accurate records and documentation of all transactions involved with the sets.


  • Maintain Safety Store hazardous material sanitize sinks and replenish cleaning solution.
  • Reassemble & Maintain Kits Conduct inspection clean kit trays and parts and remove debris from returned instruments.
  • Order/repair any instrument/implants as needed.
  • Adjust the kits for marketing use.
  • Coordinate component revision or rework part production with the Orthopaedic Manufacturing group.
  • Process Loaner Orders & Maintain Inventory
  • Pick order from correct locations pack orders according to order received and ship using totes utilizing the current Loaner Services Operational /inventory and shipping system.
  • Replenish instruments and implants as needed.
  • Order audit and monitor new instruments and implants.
  • Monitor backorders and request Logistics hold. Process returned goods
  • Provide Customer Service Provide instrument and implant information and kit availability to customers.
  • Call on back orders log-in customer complaints and reschedule kits.
  • Call customers regarding missing or extra instruments and create a return on extra parts.
  • Process Distribution Orders Enter Distribution order into SAP request Logistic Hold Release remove order parts from gold pile and create returns
  • Investigate Customer Complaints Document research take corrective action and resolve customer complaints. Notify the customer of investigation results. Initiate design change with Quality Assurance and assist with investigation of defects and EDCs. Provide Training Provide the necessary training for all facets of the department i.e. (instrument cleaning order processing kit assembly kit maintenance customer service Distribution order complaint investigation and after hours services). Attend assembly kit demonstrations provide appropriate instrumentation for training and schedule appropriate leadership training. Participate in training courses to update and inform employees regarding current industry information within product systems.
  • Perform Administrative Functions & Maintain Loaner Catalog Maintain kit turns back order logs and survey customers for feedback on service. Update catalogs for accuracy and adjust for Marketing and add kits when appropriate.
  • Provide After Hours Services Provide tracking information to customers on existing orders emergency orders and ship orders after hours.
  • Maintain Work Area Design work area to organize extra instrumentation and supplies in appropriate location. Order necessary supplies and equipment to maintain workflow.
  • Develop Packaging Methods Consult with packaging vendors to determine requirements and prototypes needed for parts and logistics deployment.


  • Associates Degree in Engineering Manufacturing Technology or Logistics AND
  • Two (2) years experience as a Manufacturing Associate-Finishing/Quality/Machinist; OR One (1) year experience as a Loaner Services Tech I

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