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28538 Congressional Ct
Easton, MD, United States

Phone: 410-443-0096
Web Site: sailotech.com

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RADCX Consultant


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Franklin, WI, United States 



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Role: RADCX Consultant

Location: Franklin, WI

Back ground check/verification: Before onboarding, so no immediate joiners.


  • Gather technical requirements and implement Adobe Marketing Cloud components and multi-report suites tagging using Dynamic Tag Management (DTM)
  • Write Solution Design Reference (SDR) documents, analytics roadmaps, test plans, and project documentation
  • Agile development, gather business requirements, write use case models, and create dataflow diagrams
  • Work with cross-functional groups and vendors to identify solutions and enhancements for current and future products planning, and to gather and solicit business requirements.
  • Facilitate client meetings and JAD sessions, map stakeholders and conduct fact-finding discussions, interviews, negotiate and reach agreements on the scope, goals, performance targets, success metrics, and budgets for projects.
  • Translate requirements into functional design and create technical specifications to be used by developers.
  • Work closely with IT and Business partners to support in Adobe Analytics implementation, Adobe Dynamic Tag Management (DTM) and Adobe Tag Manager.
  • Project-manage elements of web analytics road map and ensure enhancements make release schedules promptly.
  • Write use cases, create process flows, and/or create system architecture diagrams and sequence documents.
  • Develop user scenarios and specifications for tracking online shopping behavior using Adobe Analytics (SiteCatalyst).
  • Implement Adobe Analytics Multi-suite tagging (sending SiteCatalyst data to two or more report suites).
  • Configure SiteCatalyst Custom Traffic Variables (sProps) to track and capture traffic metrics for Pageviews, Instances (time particular values was sent to the traffic variable), Visits, various types of Unique Visitors, and Total Time Spent, Pathing, Hierarchy Variables, and List Props.
  • Configure SiteCatalyst Success Events (KPIs) (Counters, Currency, and Numeric) purchase events such as Orders, Revenue, Cart (opens, views, checkouts, adds, removes, Units and Lead Form Submission.
  • Configure Adobe SiteCatalyst Conversion Variables (eVars), used Campaign Conversion, Counter Conversion, to breakdown success events into manageable buckets such as (allocation, linear allocation across multiple visits, and expiration for cookies).
  • Use Adobe Analytics SiteCatalyst and Adobe Data Connectors as an integration hub to create custom reports and dashboards for E-mail, SEO, Paid Search, Facebook, Ad Serving, DemandBase, CRM, and Salesforce.com.
  • Configure SiteCatalyst’s VISTA (Visitor Identification, Segmentation & Transformation Architecture) rules to SiteCatalyst collected data and transform it to different variables based on business needs.
  • Create SAINT Classifications in SiteCatalyst using Excel and setting up FTP sites (large files), extract web data using Report Builder and Adobe Data Warehouse for data insights and custom reporting.
  • Create SiteCatalyst Ranked and Trended reports to show (traffic metric, success metric, or calculated metric data associated with a traffic or conversion variable), Metric reports (traffic metrics, success events or calculated metrics, conversion reports, Trended reports, Breakdown reports, Pathing reports, to understand and provide assess web content and usability issues.
  • Identify and document gaps in the data capture strategy and collaboratively implement enhancements.
  • Create digital dashboards to monitor KPI performance reports for various business stakeholders.
  • Provide ad hoc analysis to highlight underperforming areas of website and gain insights into user behavior; propose recommendations to test A/B and multivariate test, which will enhance user experience or drive incremental revenue.

Extension Possible: Yes

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