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Human Capital Asia, Inc.

Unit 301 Jollibee Center, San Miguel Avenue
Pasig City, Philippines

Web Site: www.humancapital-asia.com

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Market Compliance Officer


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Taguig, PH, Philippines 


Franchise, General-Business, Science

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Employment Type:

Full time



Job Description:

  • Represent the company as Market Compliance Officer in the Philippine Electricity Market. 
  • Represent the company in a PEMC-ECO investigation and present the company case in such investigations.
  • Be able to relate the operator/trader actions to the technical aspect of plant operation in a PEMC-ECO investigation on a possible breach in WESM rules.
  • Decide on plan of action in
    • finding the cause of the breach in WESM rules, in plant operation sense and power system operation sense, and
    • what and where to get documentary support ( i.e. WESM database, plant SCADA, Trading interface information, etc.) so the justification becomes evidence grade, e.g. admissible in court, and
  • Prepare the computations justifying why the response did or did not make the target.
  • Prepares reports and supporting documents in response to PEMC-ECO investigation on breaches in WESM Rules, and signs the report as Market Compliance Officer.
  • Ensures compliance of company Trading and gen BU to WESM rules and reporting requirements of the DOE and PEMC on WESM :
    • Identifying and establishing process standards that will ensure submission and compliance to all market requirements
    • Make sure that everyone  concerned are properly informed of the process and standards
    • Regularly assess the performance of all concerned with regards to these standards
    • evaluate the efficiency/effectivity of and issues involved in the compliance process
    • Make recommendations and/or work with the concerned BU/Unit concerned to establish/revise policy guidelines and  procedures to prevent and/or avoid lapses in the future
  • Prepares pre-emptive actions, reports and supporting documents for reporting to PEMC if investigated
  • Calls the attention of the BU heads in case the reports are not submitted on time.
  • Assists Gen Bus in PEMC registration and reporting requirements in compliance to WESM rules and its manuals
  • Maintain current PEMC registration records and communication records
  • Completes the daily audit report on trader actions, reconciles findings with Trading Operations logbook entries, gen BU operations logbook, and PEMC system messages.
  • Assists in training traders and plant operators in new processes and procedures.
  • Create and maintain a database of the required compliance a report, the reports submitted and monitors the timely submissions of the BUs to the DOE, PEMC and ERC.
  • At least 5 years experience in Power industry
  • Have managed a non-conformance investigation team, e.g. project management conformance, quality assurance audit, or operations audit.
  • Knowledge of market rules and resolution of alleged breach in market rules.
  • College degree Engineering, sciences, economics, finance, or law.
  • PEMC certified Trader preferred.

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