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Need Project Manager II


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Title: Project Manager II
Duration: 04/13/2015 - 06/30/2015
Location: Salem , Oregon

The Oregon education Investment Board (OEIB) is charged with creating a statewide longitudinal data system containing seamless data from early childhood services through post-secondary education and career to support OEIB analysis and recommendations for policies and investments.
OEIB was created in 2011 with the purpose of “ensuring outcomes for public school students by overseeing a unified public education system that starts with early childhood services and continues throughout public education from kindergarten to post-secondary education.” The state’s educational outcomes are defined by outcome goals (40% of students with earning a 4-year degree or higher; 40% of students with an associate’s degree or professional/technical certification; and the remaining 20% completing high school). These goals are known as 40-40-20.
Functionally, OEIB operates by staffing the OEIB board and other boards and commissions; engaging individual districts, community colleges, and public universities in a data-based Achievement Compact process tied to 40-40-20 goals; meeting with stakeholders to identify barriers and to create more equitable and seamless systems; analyzing existing and recommending new policies; and recommending new strategic investments or systems of investments to improve state performance.
The key OEIB partnership agencies are:
Early Learning Council (ELC)
Oregon Department of Education (ODE)
Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC)
Community Colleges and Workforce Development (CCWD)
Oregon University System (OUS)
Teacher Standards and Practices Commission (TSPC)
Oregon Employment Department (OED)
Oregon Health Authority (OHA)
Department of Human Services (DHS)
Oregon Youth Development Council (YDC)
Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC)
Public School Districts
Community Colleges
Public Universities
Because OEIB functions require data sharing, at its inception the OEIB was charged with creating a data system to aid in the creation of policies and strategic investment strategies informed by Oregon data. The project’s title is the OEIB Statewide Longitudinal Data System P-20W for Education (OEIB-SLDS). P-20W is an abbreviation signifying Preschool through Higher Education and Workforce. The OEIB-SLDS relies on data originally collected by other systems, this is a project risk because the data intended to flow into the SLDS comes from data warehouses that are currently active, incomplete projects.
The OEIB-SLDS is dependent upon two active projects to complete in order to provide the data necessary for the SLDS: (1) The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Advancing Longitudinal Data for Educational Reform (Project ALDER) and the migration of the Oregon University System and Community Colleges and Workforce Development (CCWD) to one unified data store under the Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC).
Timelines exist for the completion of Project ALDER and the HECC data warehouse. Since the OEIB-SLDS is dependent upon these two feeder systems, Project Management oversight is necessary at a higher level than the OEIB-SLDS to ensure OEIB’s SLDS project success.
OEIB is seeking a senior level Project Manager to augment internal staff on the following:    Project Director. Oversight of two data feeder systems to ensure success of the Oregon Education Investment Board Statewide Longitudinal Data System (OEIB-SLDS) project.
 Project scope includes:
  • Augment and support the Agency’s Project Management Team (Core Team) in managing the delivery of required Project Services.
  • Provide guidance and transition assistance for the active feeder system projects to the OEIB-SLDS.
  • Coordinating between all Project participants and keeping them contributing to the project in compliance with their respective contracts
Contractor shall assist Agency in the following:
  • Manage and direct the day to day activities of the project
  • Assist the Core Team with managing multiple dependent projects in support of the OEIB-SLDS, attend and facilitate meetings, and provide weekly status reports to the Project Team.
  • Assist the Core Team with revising, finalizing and implementing project planning documentation.
  • Draft Project Planning documents not already drafted
  • Assist the Core Team with scoping the OEIB-SLDS project.
  • Deliver weekly and monthly project status reports to the Project Team.
  • Developing and implementing project control plans and structures;
  • Monitoring and updating the project management plan and schedule;
  • Coordinating between all Project participants and keeping them contributing to the project in compliance with their respective contracts; and
  • Ensuring that other contracted staff stay on schedule or otherwise mitigate project delays for which they are responsible.
  • Develop and manage Project Management processes and procedures.  Include but are not limited to the following;
    • Weekly project schedule reporting and management
    • Weekly project progress reporting and management
    • Monthly project progress reporting and management
    • Steering committee meetings
    • Project meeting protocol
    • Risk management process
  • Develop and deliver each required Project Management and Control Plan
  • Develop and deliver proposed Project Controls
  • Develop and deliver training to State and other contractor staff on established Project Controls
  • Confer with Project staff to ensure their understanding of applicable plans and assigned roles, duties, and responsibilities, (and modify roles, duties, responsibilities, or make recommendations on additional roles, duties, and responsibilities as necessary and appropriate).
Experience and Qualifications:
Minimum four years of technology project management experience for projects ranging from $10-$25 M and a minimum of three years of educational data experience.
  • Expertise with PMBOK standards and methodologies
  • Experience with State Government agencies
Desired Skills
  • PMP certification
  • Focused and driven to results
  • Ability to manage multiple, often conflicting priorities
  • Flexible and creative in achieving results and  overcoming challenges
Excellent communication, facilitation, and documentation skills

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