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Cybersecurity Analyst (University)

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: Parlin, NJ 08859, USA


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: 06-08-2014

Key Skills

Both roles require: 

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Scienc

Job Description

One of the biggest business challenges we face is sustaining confidence in an era of uncertainty. The dynamic and sophisticated nature of today’s business environment has stressed traditional security frameworks beyond their limits of effectiveness. 

CSC uses a breadth of cybersecruity solutions and services which effectively address the ever changing risks and obligations inherent in the use of information and communication technology. 

We have two Analyst roles within Cyber Security: 

The Cyber Threat Analyst is responsible for detailed incident analysis to provide the client with a holistic “portrait” of the incidents occurring in their environment. This includes forensic analysis at the raw event level, and may also include diving into packet captures that triggered notification of the attack in question. 

The Malware Analyst will seek out threat intelligence research, zero-day and malware analysis, and create and design security solutions. They will be exposed to hacking tools and techniques. This role is highly customer facing and involves on-call responsibilities. 
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Full time
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