The Collective Group

The Collective Group

The Collective Group is a recognized leader in providing enterprise-class IT services and solutions to large and mid-size companies worldwide. Founded in 1994 as a spin-off of our parent company, Pencom Systems, Collective was formed to address the growing complexity of IT technology through the active collaboration and sharing of the best minds in our industry. We’ve remained true to our original goals and have successfully delivered over 5 million hours of consultative services to thousands of customers across a wide range of industries. We thrive on solving the hardest problems and building the most robust and cost-effective IT infrastructures in the industry through our collaborative approach.

Our mission is clear — to help today’s companies fully realize the promise of their technology investments.

IT technologies have grown in complexity beyond the point of individual comprehension. In short, no one person can possibly harbor all the information and expertise needed to make each element of a complex solution perform optimally. True solutions can only result from intense collaboration. We accomplish this through a strong and abiding belief in team work – among our consultants, with our customers and with our business partners. Our experts in server, storage, security, operating systems, database and network technologies all work closely together to understand and craft successful solutions. In fact, that’s why we call ourselves “Collective” - the best minds in the industry, working in close collaboration, supported by the best tools and processes, all focused on providing optimal value from your IT investment.

With Collective, you don’t have to choose between quality and value, or between different technologies or service models. You can have the best of both worlds — the expertise and experience, backed by the customer-centric focus and flexibility you need in today’s competitive markets.

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