Empirical Global Consulting LLC

Empirical Global Consulting LLC


Empirical Global Consulting is an IT services organization, providing innovative business & staffing solutions to our customers and partnering with them to accelerate the return on their investment. We believe our customers have their business to manage and Empirical Global can provide the services that can make it easier for them. We believe that a company is only as good as its
people. EGC built its business with this philosophy firmly in mind. We work with the top professionals, the finest resource managers and the best account managers. Our team centers around professionals with a wealth of experience in industry. Every time we work with our client, we know that our reputation is on the line. So we hire exceptional people and empower them with
the trust they need to do their jobs.
Our flexibility and our philosophy of “doing the right thing” has been paramount to our success. We can, and we will, do what is right for you!

EGC Strength:
As a growing innovative firm we are constantly seeking out top Oracle talent. Just as important, we expect our Oracle specialists to truly understand Oracle technologies and environments. Our recruiting team matches candidates not just by keywords, but also through their knowledge and experience in ERP system, we make careful assessments of communication skills, industry experience, logistical considerations, and more.
Our leadership team has deep industry focus and consulting experience from the top tier firms. We have deep process expertise with large business transformation projects using proven methodologies at some of the large global companies.

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