b-cause., inc.

b-cause., inc.


b-cause deals with foreign staff fluent in Japanese from around the world. We are an employment agency for highly specialized job-hunters with successful placement in industries and fields of every sort. Get in touch with our exclusive experienced advisors.
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Jobs posted

Job Id Job Title Location Employment Type Budget
21004 [Tokyo] English Speaking Secretary Minato, Tokyo, Japan Full time 2650 $ per month
19100 Digital Marketing Analyst wanted at Tokyo Minato, Tokyo, Japan Full time 2500 $ per month
18678 Sales Executive for HR Business Tokyo, Japan Full time 3000 $ per month
18679 Software Engineer Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan Full time $ per month
20486 HR Executive at a Catering Company Minato, Tokyo, Japan Full time 2000 $ per month
20528 Translators (JPN/ENG) of Patent Documents Minato, Tokyo, Japan Freelance 3600 $ per month
20875 [Tokyo]Content Editor Tsukiji, Ch??, Tokyo 104-0045, Japan Full time 31500 $ per year
18393 Management of Technical Interns (Overseas) Tokyo, Japan Full time 2200 $ per month
21005 Overseas Sales Executive at Tokyo Ch??, Tokyo, Japan Full time 2200 $ per month
20592 [Osaka/Japan] Management Trainee needed Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan Full time 36000 $ per year

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