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Claims Technician

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: 18862


: San Angelo, TX, USA


: $11.58 per hour

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: 09-08-2017

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place outbound calls but it is not a call center

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A Claims Tech is responsible for processing insurance claims that have been flagged by the automated system and need manual intervention in order to process accurately. This position will work in an office setting, where you will be working on a computer majority of the day. There are times this position requires phone work to place outbound calls but it is not a call center position.

The training offered for this position is very fast paced and it makes it unlikely for those who miss days to succeed. During this period of time, attendance is critical.

You would be working full time hours, Monday through Friday from 8AM to 4:30PM for roughly the first 16 weeks.

After training, this position allows a flex schedule, which means you are able to work an 8 hour shift of your choosing between the hours of 7AM and 6PM, Monday through Friday. Typically, Claims Techs have the opportunity work overtime once they’re trained.

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