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Sales Executive for HR Business 462
b-cause., inc.    01-11-2019 Tokyo, Japan
  1. Wanted: [Tokyo] Position: Sales Executive


  1. Contract Type: Regular Employee,


  1. Place of work: Tokyo, Japan


  1. Specific business content:

<Those who want to grow in a bright workplace are welcome>

? New corporate cultivation

? Hearing management issues

? Provide solutions (recruitment or other services)

? Creation of job offer slips

? Target Selection

? candidate's recommendation / selection coordination

? Follow up to joining the company

? Drafting a new project

? Internal business improvement


  1. Working hours: 09: 00 ~ 18: 00


  1. Holidays: Complete weekly holidays (Saturday, Sunday) Holiday


  1. Salary:

? Annual income: 3.5 - 6 million yen (incentive system available)

  • Starting from 270,000 yen / 360,000 yen / month
  • Depends on experience and ability


  1. Eligibility:


? Bachelor's degree or higher (4 years system)

? Over 1 year experience in social workers



?Possible conditions?

? Experience of work requiring negotiation with customers such as sales, hospitality, sales etc (entry examples: financial sales, real estate sales, logistics sales, apparel sales etc.)


? Personality desired

Those who can work positively, brightly

Ability to act on results

Insight and interpersonal susceptibility

? What is more important than anything is a passionate person who can strongly agree with our company's future (vision), idea (philosophy). Those who can feel strong potential in our future and can participate and create themselves

How to Apply:

Please send your resume at the following e-mail address:

HR Executive at a Catering Company 152
b-cause., inc.    01-11-2019 Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Job location: Tokyo, Japan                                          

Nearest Station: Shinjuku Goyen station

Department: HR                                                              

Estimated Trip Frequency: Several Times a year.

Employment status: Regular Employee.

[Philippines people will get preference]


Specific Work Content:  

  • For Recruiting Assistance General Foreigner Workers. 
  • Recruiting and Training Foreign Part-Time Workers from Many Different Cultural Backgrounds. 
  • Preparing English Manuals Necessary For Their Training. 
  • Providing Counseling’s And Mental Support From Time To Time.


Pre-requisite: (Basic Qualification) 

  • Japanese: business level (N2)
  • Tagalog: Native level.
  • English: Conversational Level

[Preferable Condition]

  • Work experience in HR field or the related area 
  • Work experience in restaurants.


Work Experiences:

  • Experience in society only in home country
  • Full-time and contract employee experience in Japan


Salary: Monthly 220,000 yen ~ (Plus Bonus)


Working hours: 09: 00 ~ 18: 00


Holidays:  Weekends and national holidays, 110 Holidays in total annually.



  • Welfare Paid leave (10 days a year)
  • Maternity leave,
  • Childcare leave
  • Social Insurance
  • Transport Expenses are fully covered.
Management of Technical Interns (Overseas) 514
b-cause., inc.    01-11-2019 Tokyo, Japan

Specific work content:

  • Arrangement of Technical Intern Trainee Program.
  • Recruitment service.

(Acceptance of foreign technical interns / support for foreigners).


Employment status: Regular employee      

Position: Manager of Technical Interns.

Department to be worked: Technical Interns Team

Work place: Head office in Tokyo

Nearest station: JR Iidabashi Station.



  1. Looking after foreign technical interns (Filipino, others)
  2. Visiting company currently accepting intern trainees, hearing from companies
  3. Paper work (Filling out government documents and submitting them).


Application condition           - Basic Qualification

  • JLPT above N2
  • Driving's License.


PC skills: (Word · Excel · Email).

Language Skill:

  • Japanese: Business level
  • Tagalog: Native level.


Salary: 185,000 - 250,000 JPY / Monthly.

Working hours: 09: 00 ~ 17: 30


Holidays: Weekends, national holidays, Annual holiday days, 115 holidays annually.

Overtime Pay:            partially paid.



  • Maternity leave.
  • Insurance - Full social insurance.
  • Transportation expenses -Travel / Up to 35,000 JPN.

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