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C#, .NET Web Developer

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: New York, NY, USA


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: 06-25-2014

Job Description

This is an exciting opportunity for experienced and motivated Sr. Web Application Developers to pursue career opportunities in a fast-growing corporate R&D organization. The mission of the R&D organization is to build business intelligence applications to solve practical marketing analytics problems. Sr. Application Developers will lead in web application development and application architecture. 

The Application Developers will work on a multi-disciplinary team where hard work and talent is valued and rewarded. The main responsibilities include: Lead programming, application development, Application architecture design, Software application QA, support, maintenance, Data management, and database maintenance. Product demo and documentation. The lead developer will be working on adding new features and revamping the existing application. Skills 

Applicants should possess:
  • Strong programming skills. AP uses VB.NET, ASP.NET and C#.NET, but this is not a requirement as long as the candidate is willing to learn and can ramp up quickly.
  • Normalized Data and RDMBS experience. Candidate must know SQL, and well.
  • Exposure to front-end technologies (HTML, JS, CSS, basic DOM concepts, etc.)
  • Knowledge of SDLC standards, design patterns and anti-patterns, and a strong preference for good process.
  • Quick learner - willing to learn and apply new knowledge
  • Team player - flexibility to adapt to new working environment
  • Multi-tasking and time management skills - capable of handling timeline pressure
  • Bachelor's degree or above: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and related fields.
Qualified candidates should be available to interview within a weeks notice. 

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