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BI Analyst

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: 22300


: Redmond, WA, USA


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: 07-23-2019

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Title: BI Analyst

Location: Redmond, WA



  • Research and develop statistical learning model for data analysis.
  • Collaborate with product group and engineering/Developer team to understand needs and devise possible solutions.
  • Communicate insights and ideas to key decision makers.
  • Implement statistical or other mathematical methodologies (Regression, Classification, Clustering) as needed for specific models for analysis, and devise business metrics as needed.
  • Optimize joint development efforts though appropriate database use and project design.
  • Need to understand\implement complex data structures, advanced pre-processing steps (Pandas, numpy, Scikit-learn) suitable for the analysis.
  • Designs, develops and publishes data visualizations using Power BI integrating existing on- premise systems and data sources.
  • Responsible for grey box verification of the JavaScript and JScript engines for Windows browsers (Edge and IE). 
  • Manual verification of patches on all Legacy Windows and Windows 10 OSes.
  • Implement and optimize existing scripts\code using JScript and VBScript.


Qualifications: To perform the mentioned duties required minimum Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a combination of education and experience equating to the U.S. equivalent of a Bachelor’s degree.




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Gopinath Rathi

Sr. Recruiter

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